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Girls and boys are equally invested in future careers, but girls place less emphasis on money and job status.

A summary of the survey, "The State of the Hearts of Adolescent Girls," is found at the end of this research agenda.

The lives of these girls are complex, affected by their gender, race, ethnicity, class, differing abilities, and sexual orientation.

Only by examining each of these complicated layers can the rich diversity of the lives of adolescent girls be understood. " Age 14 Gender is a psychological and cultural term that refers to the meanings attached to being female or male in a particular culture.

Although the current day risks and stresses in the lives of adolescent girls must be understood, they should not be the defining factors in discussions of adolescent girls.

There must be a focus on what is working for adolescent girls, and why to assist adolescent girls in navigating these risks during their development.

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It is distinct from sex, which refers to the biological aspects of being female or male.

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